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Willow Creek Only

Sometimes it's great to see topics from all over south Denver. But this site is just for your actual neighbors in Willow Creek. We're creating a community and it's exclusive to Willow Creek residents.

Privacy Enhanced

No one gets approved to join the site unless they are verified as a Willow Creek resident. It may feel painful to actually get an approved account, but you will appreciate the privacy when you know only your interacting with real neighbors.

Neighborly Enforced

Being neighborly is not only encouraged - it's enforced. Nothing gets posted to the site without moderated approval (at least, until you earn a "reputation" for being a good neighbor).

Choose What to Read

Specify only the categories you want to see in your news "feed". Don't like to see local real estate promotions? Unfollow the Business category. Not interested in conversations of opinion? Unfollow the "Debate" category.

Reputation Matters

A proprietary points system tracks how helpful and neighborly you've been. Once you've earned enough reputation points, you can post without moderation and they will appear immediately. (Beware, points can also be lost!)

More Features

Follow Your Friends

Even if you've unfollowed a category, you may still want to see what your friends are saying. Click Follow on each friend and see what they submit - even if its in a category you don't follow.

Trusted Recommendations

Review sites and reputation companies have lessened the reliability of online reviews. You can still rely on your neighbors for first-hand recommendations of service providers and local businesses - and they attach their real name to each one.

Support Willow Creek Businesses

No commercial posting is allows whatsoever with the exception of local, Willow Creek-owned businesses. Let's support our local businesses first to help them succeed. If you don't want to see any business promotions at all, simply unfollow the Local Business category.

Free Forever

We're not a national company in search of a profit model. We're just your neighbors that want to create a better community. will always be free and always be Willow Creek-owned and managed.

​Coming “Soon” (on the development roadmap)


For Sale and Free category posts will eventually also post to a Craigslist-style classifieds area. You choose whether your items for sale are viewable by just Willow Creek neighbors or by everyone.

Business Directory & Reviews

Recommendations will eventually also post to directory of local service providers with star reviews from your neighbors. No more searching old posts for that plumber someone recommended a year ago.

Events Calendar

Event posts will eventually also post to a community events calendar. You will be able to see a calendar of all upcoming events related or near to Willow Creek.

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