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How many neighborhoods post to the news feed?
40Just Willow Creek
Business Recommendations
Are business/service provider recommendations available?
For Sale/Free
Can user post items of sale (and for free)?
Lost & Found
Can users get help with items lost or found?
Questions & Discussion
Can user get help with questions and participate in discussions?
User Polls
Can users post their own polls?
Immediate Urgent Alerts
Can users send out alerts for immediate assistance?
Audience Reach
How many potential users can be reached?
up to 12,000up to 2,500
Verified Real Users
Are all users verified as real and living in the neighborhood?
No (1)Strict Verification
Moderator Control
How much control do moderators have to keep things civil?
Very Little (2)Full Control
Paid Ads in News Feed
Do you get paid ads in your news feed?
User Control of News Feed
Can each user decide what they see/don't see in their feed?
Almost None (3)Full Control (4)
Negative Posts
Are negative and unhelpful post permitted?
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(1) Used to verify members but currently just checks to see if the address is valid.  It’s simple to register a fake name with a valid address.

(2) Moderators are now just “leads” and the tools to delete uncivil on inappropriate posts have been replaced with a voting system on reported posts leading to almost no moderation at all.

(3) Users can only narrow the feed to their single neighborhood.  

(4) Feed can be filtered to include or exclude any category

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